INTERACT GIS provides information regarding approximately 95 terrestrial field-stations situated under arctic or sub-arctic conditions, whether in the Arctic proper or at high altitudes elsewhere in the northern hemisphere. INTERACT GIS basically provides two different types of web-based services, whereof one is openly providing information regarding stations and their associated landscape characteristics. Via the filtering functionalities offered by INTERACT GIS, a search for stations that fulfil multiple research, educational, and/or monitoring criteria is enabled. In addition, the sheer fun of examining Arctic field-stations is provided.

The second type of web-based service offered by INTERACT GIS requires an account that may be acquired under the above SIGN UP symbol. As an active arctic field-station, INTERACT GIS may be used for automated management of station visitors, activities, and publications. An accumulating record of station’s activities is thereby captured, stored, and disseminated at real-time pace, providing decision support for collective planning of Arctic research, education, and/or monitoring activities.

With INTERACT GIS offering truly spatial on-line capabilities, like combining geo-referenced station’s information with streamed map-services, it is per definition a web-based Geographic Information System. As an example, the collective record of research publications stored and disseminated with INTERACT GIS is geo-referenced via station activities onto visualisations that utilise streamed map-services.

INTERACT GIS is offered to field-stations affiliated with the INTERACT and SITES infrastructures, and all usage may be filtered with respect to organisational affiliation; please explore the above Organisations menu for accessing the filtering functionalities.

As part of its basic functionality, INTERACT GIS captures and processes personal data that fall within the framework of EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR); please explore the above GDPR menu for further information.

INTERACT GIS is the intellectual property of the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences SLU; please explore the above Copyright menu for reference information.